Sunday, September 11, 2011

i think he's confused

Yesterday we went to the Good Zoo with Uncle Davey and Aunt Sonya. The kids had fun, and Andy recognized some friends. Having spent three weeks in zoo camp over the summer, he became a camp counselor favorite and all of young, female zoo employees in the Education Department know him. And love him, because everybody loves Andy, it seems.

As we walked around, a group of them went by on a golf cart. They stopped to talk to and to hug Andy. About an hour later, we were down at the wetlands exhibit. Andy and Ben were running around when the same golf cart went by again. I heard a female chorus shout, "Hi, Andy!"

Andy stopped and waved and shouted back.

Me: Andy, were those your buddies again?

Andy: Yeah, those were my waitresses from zoo camp this summer.