Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sad? not so much.

Today I sat Andy down and told him that our beloved dobie, Suey, died.

Andy: I want to go see Suey.

Me: Andy, Suey died and went to Heaven.

Andy: Okay. I want to go to my friend Colby's house.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

no kidding

Halfway through a massive tantrum: "It's not happy time Mommy!"

Well, duh.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

little bit of mommy

Last night Andy was being too rough with his daddy, slapping Shawn's face and poking him in the eye.

I said sharply, "Andy! Don't hit Daddy!"

He immediately stood up, enraged, turned to me and screamed, "MOMMY DON'T YELL AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And then he stormed off.

Friday, March 6, 2009

i can't believe this happened

Andy's already got a big fat black eye. It looks really bad. I'll preface the following with that bit of info.

Shawn came home after work, had a scotch on the rocks (a Jackson tradition) and I asked him to change Andy's diaper. Andy of course refused and planted his feet, so Shawn pulled him fairly gently by the arms towards the house, with Andy hollering in protest. Then, out of the blue, Suey came running by with a giant stick in her mouth and knocked Andy to the ground. He fell and cried.

The next thing we knew, Andy was holding his arm to his side and crying. He refused to move his arm and when we tried to move it he'd cry harder. We took him in and waited for the pain to subside. It didn't.

Okay, I thought. Off to the ER we go. He cried as we got him in his car seat and he cried harder when we went over the bumps in the road. We rushed him into the ER with panic on our faces. He still cried.

I said to the triage nurse, "I think my son has a broken arm."

Pause to tell you what state my son is in. His eye is horribly bruised. He's been at the park where he was throwing sand in his hair and at the other children. He was punished, so we left, and in the process he threw himself down in the mud and cried. He's got a ring of black Oreo crumbs on his mouth.

So he's got filthy clothing, sand in his hair, crud on his mouth and a large black eye. He's wailing loudly that "Daddy pulled my arm! Daddy squeezed my arm!" And Shawn is standing beside me with a terrified look on his face and scotch on his breath. This doesn't look good from any angle. Clearly we are negligent parents.

We checked in while he cried. The nurse gave me a hospital bracelet for Andy and told us to wait for a minute in the waiting room.

As we sat down, Andy stopped crying, started waving his 'broken' arm and announced loudly, "My boo boo feels all better now!"

And he hopped down and jumped around with glee.

And thus, we left. Thankful, but mildly embarrassed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

what did i say?

We were watching children's programming. During a commercial break they had a little quiz where they showed part of an animal's body and the children are supposed to guess what the animal is. They showed a closeup of a black spot on a red body.

I said, "What is it, Andy?"

He said nothing, so I said, "It's a ladybug!"

He said grouchily, "It's not a lady bug! Stop talking to me Mommy!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

after tonight's dinner...

....he said, "Mommy, you're a good cooker man!"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

no. no it isn't.

We went to the gym the other day. When we pulled up in the parking lot Andy looked around and said, "Hey! This isn't the beach!"